3 Days Slimming Cream with Green Tea(traditional herbs)

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  • ¬†Reduces excess fat in the body
  • Consists of natural Chilli and green tea extracts which helps you slim down with no side effects
  • It quickly decomposing the surplus fat in the body
  • It makes your skin smoother, more elastic and you will definitely look younger.
  • Produces even better results when added to a weight loss program
  • Use twice daily.

Aichun beauty all natural slimming cream will help you get rid of all unwanted fat from any part of the body you want to. it contains all natural products – Japanese Green Tea, Green Pepper and Green Paprika extracts as its main ingredients- products which are proven fat burners. This is Green Tea in a moisturizer form.

The moisturiser ensure your skin is kept fresh and smooth – allowing to lose weight, burn fat and still look good.

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