Anti Snore Chin Strap


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  • Easy to use
  • Anti-snoring chin strap slings over face
  • Holds jaw in a forward position, while keeping mouth firmly closed
  • Encourages breathing through the nose
  • Prevents the tongue and throat tissue from falling back and blocking the human airway
  • Helps prevent snoring
  • Soft, comfortable fabric
  • Stays in place throughout the night

It consists of a strap that wraps around the chin. This solution is easy to use. The anti-snoring chin strap slings over the face and is held together in the back. It holds the jaw in a forward position and keeps your mouth firmly closed. This prevents the tongue and throat tissues from falling back and blocking the human airway. It also encourages you to breathe through the nose. As a result, your snoring will come to an end. This stop snoring chin strap is made with a very soft fabric, designed to be comfortable to wear and to stay in place throughout the night.

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