Digital Acupuncture Therapy Massage Machine

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  • It Promotes body blood circulation.
  • It relieves your pain.
  • It promotes your metabolism
  • Applicable to the waist, shoulders, legs and foot massage

It uses the infrared physiotherapy electrode with 4 treatment mode: blow, refers to the pressure, vibration massage, pat and scraping therapy. It has 8 Massage modes and 10 massage power levels. It can be used for digital instrument, slimming massage machine or other treatments like stroke. It has the multiple functions of acupuncture, scraping, cupping and massage.

You can choose any of the treatment modes (shoulder/waist/joint button/foot). The product is specially designed for lessening pain in muscles, The apparatus can produce curative effect particularly to the patients suffering from the pain in neck, back, loin and various joints.

The exclusively designed program consists of different waves through alternative composition, giving a feeling of manual massage by hand. The soft and gentle pulse can improve the blood circulation and promote main and collateral channels unblocked and give a special effect on releasing fatigue.

Use the pulse massage for stiffness of shoulders. Paralysis of peripheral nerves. Recovery of fatigue. Improves blood circulation neuralgia. Gradual release of muscular pain.

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