Height Measure & Body Weight Scale

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  • 1. Body Weighing:
  • Max weighting: 120kg/150kg/160kg
  • Min. Division 0.5kg
  • 2. Height measuring:
  • Measuring Range 70-190cm
  • Min. Division 0.5 cm
  • Tolerance ± 0.5cm

It is widely applicable to measure weight and height of people in enterprise, school, hospital, clinic and sports department, featuring advanced in shape.  This weight and height scale has two functions, the body weighing and height measuring.

You can use it as follows.
1. By means of its two small wheels, the health scale can be moves as show in picture.
2. Erect the standard and turn it clock-wise for 180 so that the locking nut is just upon the locking screw. Tighten up the locking nut and scale will be ready to work.
3. The dial pointer should be at zero before the scale is used. If there is any deviation, adjust it by the zero-adjust screw under dial.
4. When measuring height, the leveler should be puller out at right angle with measuring standard. Stretch the inner tube to its full length sufficient for a range of 70-126cm. The reading can be obtained from the point where the graduation of the mner tube-coincides with the upper flange edge of the medium tube. In case the height is over 126cm. Pull out the middle tube for a measuring range of 126-190cm and the reading is to be taken from the point where graduation of the middle tube and upper flange edge of the outer tube join together.

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