Omron Compressor Kid Nebuliser

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  • The Lightest Omron compressor nebuliser (approx 270g)
  • Enables respiratory conditions through an optimal drug delivery
  • V.V.T nebuliser technology
  • Low sound level (46dbB)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Small compact device
  • Kid’s accessories
  • Adult and child mask
  • Easy assembly, clearly marked parts that ensure an accurate assembly
  • Easy readable medication level
  • Easy to clean bio-compatible Polypropylene (PP) material
  • Meets hygienic standards (boil-able, autoclave-able)
  • No small parts which can be easily be lost or swallowed by young children
  • No need for breath coordination – very little training required
  • High respirable fraction, excellent drug delivery – good particle size (MMAD)
  • Designed for usage with nasal or mouthpiece as well as adult & child mask for OMRON’s CompAIR series of high performing nebulisers

Compressor Nebuliser Omron C801KD converts medication into aerosols to enable administration of medication through the nose mask or mouthpiece. It can be used to drive medications used to manage nasal congestion ,catarrh,bronchitis ,asthma in children.

This model has been specifically adapted for the use in children. Has a new innovative design, the lightest Omron compressor nebuliser. It features the unique Omron Virtual Valve Technology (V.V.T) chamber which adapts to breathing, thus matching breathing pattern reducing drug wastage thereby optimizing drug availability when breathing in. It emits low noise. Its accessories include two puppets that attach securely to the nebulizer kit as well as to the child and infant mask to entertain and relax your child.

The Omron Ne-C801kd Comp Air Nebuliser for Children is a highly effective respiratory device designed to optimise drug delivery when it’s needed the most.

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