Rainproof Rechargeable Mosquito Killer with Torch

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Rechargeable mosquito killer. It works without light when recharged fully for 3 hours.
Easy installation, hang it on the wall or porch, or put it on the ground.
Easy to carry, can take it to use when traveling, camping, picnic, etc.
The light lures the mosquitoes bugs or other insect by via UV light, and kill them by electric shock.
Kills Mosquitoes by zapping them.
Can be used when camping outdoors.


Few things, such as mosquito will ruin the perfect moment. This kind of portable mosquito killer lamp helps you solve this problem. With its 2200mAh high capacity battery, it not only kills mosquito but also provides you a better illumination and environment. What are you waiting for? It can be used as a camping light.It is a two in one functional mosquito light and works without light. It can also be charged with solar panel.


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