Two Lion Overlocking Industrial Weaving Machine

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  • Stitch length: 2.5-3.5 mm
  • Presser lift height: 3.5 mm
  • model of needle: 81×9#-14#
  • Number of thread: 3
  • Max speed range: 3000 rpm
  • Power of motor: 130-150 W

Suitable for garment factories, knitting mills, used to perform overlocking in sewing thin and medium-thick fabrics. The machine is simple in construction, fine performance and durability
Overlock Sewing Machine with 220V 150W Motor
1. It is exquisitely manufactured with superior quality components.
2. It is equipped with cam motion, take up lever, oscillating shuttle and straight lockstitch
3. It can be used according to consumer’s requirements – hand operated or electric with motor installation
4. Suitable use for homes and garment factories in sewing cotton, woolen, silk fabrics, embroidery as well as heavy fabric material

Machine is also suitable for garment factories and knitting mills. Basically used to perform overlocking stitches for thin and medium-thick fabrics. The machine is simple in construction with fine performance and durable.

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