Rotating Abdominal Exercise Wheel Roller

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  • Super-elastic tension tube: The rope is strong in elasticity, long in service life and durable..
  • Rugged pulley: Pressure resistant pp, abs engineering plastic..
  • Eva pedal: eva material, very comfortable, suitable for most people..
  • Adjust the auxiliary rope: Suitable for different groups of people, can exercise all muscle groups..
  • Compact and portable: Compact and portable, not limited to the training ground, so you can train at home anytime, anywhere. The whole family can train. You can even enjoy abdominal muscles on your business trip.

This Multi-functional abdominal roller uses the toughest material to guarantee its efficiency. Made of ABS material, it is light yet strong enough to withstand shock and pressure. The hose is made with highly elastic tube so it won’t break even with the mightiest pull on your chest, arms, abs, legs, practically your whole body with our abdominal slimming wheel, all in one simple natural movement!

It has more quality and strength than the revoflex xtreme.

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